• Photographer: Morgan Roberts

  • Photographer: Morgan Roberts

  • Photographer: Morgan Roberts

  • Photograph by Luke Jaaniste

Welcome to Wholebody Creative Change

Wholebody Creative Change provides experiential training in embodiment and wholeness…

…via music- and movement-based participatory events and training in Wholebody Focusing.

Wholebody Focusing is a relational somatic practice in which the Self is experienced as a global field of body-environment-situation.

Wholebody Focusing founder Kevin McKevenue, a certified Alexander Technique teacher, integrated the Alexander way of knowing with Focusing.  Focusing is a research-based practice for facilitating change, articulated by philosopher and psychotherapist Gene Gendlin.

Focusing is the capacity to pause the current situation and offer open awareness to something which is directly experienced but not yet in words: from here forms a bodily sense of our next right steps for living. Gendlin created the terms ‘felt sense’ and ‘felt shift’ to describe this phenomena.

Wholebody Focusing puts us directly in touch with the body wisdom. It brings a strengthening of the whole person through an exploration of the dynamic space of being physically grounded in a sense of wholeness, while holding with equal regard something in me that wants my attention now.

Book a training session with me and experience the deeply human qualities of this embodied form of self-care in your own life situations and way of being.

Wholebody Creative Change is where my training as a Focusing professional (Wholebody) meets my practice as a creative musician and movement practitioner.

Sharing this playful co-emergent space with others is the context in which I feel at my most alive, and is the source of my vocation.

The quality of inner-directed physical movement that is activated in Wholebody Focusing generates forms of new intuitive music and movement which fascinate me as a composer, improvising pianist, vocalist, and mover. It is a generative field from which fresh ways of devising new work and performance practices emerge.

With the skill set of Wholebody Focusing, we create a space for experiencing wholeness of Self and ways of meeting that are complementary and non-competitive. In doing so, places in us that have learned to shut down awaken to their own possibilities for living newly.

Allow me to support you in experiencing, learning and practicing the skills of Wholebody Creative Change and Focusing for yourself. Events and one to one & group trainings can be crafted to meet your area of specific interest, need or expertise.

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One on one sessionsI’m available for  one to one & group Wholebody Creative Change and Focusing training in person (where practicable), and via Skype, Google Hangouts or phone.