I’m available for one to one & group Wholebody Creative Change and Focusing training

  • in person (where practicable)
  • via Skype
  • or Google Hangouts
  • or over the phone

FAQ#1: How can this help me in my life?

Do you long to live more fully in the present, and to participate skilfully with the unfolding of your life?

Training in Wholebody Creative Change and Focusing increases resilience of the whole person, and nurtures the ability to live from a place of inner-directedness.

By coming into compassionate receptivity with our inner experiencing, we learn to deeply receive what our body knows about our situations. This skill set develops person-to-person. My first Focusing teacher Bev Stevenson often said to me ‘Focusing is caught, not taught’.

FAQ#2: Is Focusing a form of Mindfulness?

Short answer: Focusing is a form of Bodyfulness.

Here’s a beautiful metaphor used by philosopher and founder of Focusing Gene Gendlin to differentiate between Mindfulness and Focusing:

Mindfulness is a great development, because it develops a strong, independent attention rather than getting caught up in emotions and stories. But in the usual way of doing mindfulness we sit at the head of the stairs and look at everything that comes up the stairs. With Focusing awareness, we can go downstairs and have the un-caught-up kind of attention there, in the body.”

FAQ#3: What actually happens in a Wholebody Creative Change and Focusing session?

At the start of a training session, we take time to come into Grounded Presence, connecting to wholeness of self, the environment, and each other. From this bodily-felt spaciousness, movements of unwinding and expanding, and inner-directed movements which have a specificity and order of the body’s own making may arise.

We might offer an invitation to the body to show us something related to our life – a specific issue, situation or creative challenge. Or we might explore what’s emergent from the dynamic relational terrain between us in the modality of a Wholebody Heartfelt Conversation. Allowing language, music or movement to arise from our direct experiencing, we participate in a form of creative co-emergence.

The way we hold our situations happens on the level of body organisation. Within the container of Focusing and Wholebody Creative Change interactions, we participate consciously with our direct wholebody experience. From our body’s implicit knowing emerges precise information about our next right steps for living and making, and with this, a restructuring of the provisional concepts that shape us.


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